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viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

In my water

I'm gonna fix me
because i got u here
and i don't wanna miss a thing
The truth is i'm gonna find me
because u did it first,
you give me wings
they fly in your velocity
It's like i won a ticket
for a eternal concert of love
and appreciation
a pass for two
just me and you.
I want you to know my mothers
my cousins gonna love you
And we wont miss nothing.

All my summers in San Luis
In my water put your feet
All the streets, all the faces
You are o m n i p r e s e n t
I find you in all the places.

I' ve been looking for perspectives
And your focus was right
and you fix mine.
I get my eyes back. OMG.
You are so beautiful!
Stay with me all the nights.
You teach me how to stare the sky and contemplate the world
(I look around)
And everything it's beautiful now
But most of all
Our love
Our love